$1,000,000,000+ Customer Acquisitions

We helped our customers total over $1,000,000,000 in acquisitions

This is how we measure success?

From startup or small enterprise to acquisition, our customers have totaled over $1.5 Billion in acquisitions. We are very proud to facilitate our customers’ successes. In every case, our customers had similar challenges yet different and unique circumstances.


They all struggled with IT management and infrastructure (security, computing, storage, etc.) as well as cost efficiency. They knew their productivity was negatively affected but were unsure how badly until we stepped in to make improvements. Their computing was not efficient or scalable. There was little-to-no true monitoring or central logging. Not one had nor knew they did not have backups at 100%. Security was not enforced or managed, exposing them to great threats and vulnerabilities–in all but two cases Trojans lurked inside.

One particular customer unknowingly had an international file sharing system running in their SAN, using multiple TB’s of storage connected to users worldwide. Because of the hackers sophistication, the customer had no idea their system’s security was threatened.

Most of our clients were too focused on their core businesses and considered IT an afterthought, an expense of doing business.


We helped them reignite their IT protocols and systems, consequently lowering cost and improve productivity, making IT a competitive advantage instead of a costly burden and potential risk to their businesses.

  • Our Mindcentric teaming support model enabled our customers to stay focused on their core businesses while we focused on their IT support, infrastructure, and cyber security. We tightly integrated our customer’s staff with Our support team to provide expertise within their companies at a low cost. The big advantage is our customers gained a high level of IT expertise at a fraction of what it would cost to hire internal experts. Our Teaming Support Model augments our customers’ existing staff with our teams, so there is a smooth workflow between them and us with quick turn around.
  • Improved productivity and faster time to market. For example, software roll-outs that took weeks and months were reduced to a third of the time-saving weeks. Another example, we cut computing batches and analytics, that used to take 2-4 days to complete, were cut in half, saving days.
  • Enabled global expansion while providing centralized computing and secure company data. This allowed customers to expand quickly either virtually or physically while maintaining performance and quality as well as time enforcing security and data protection. The centralized security is of particular importance to customers with intellectual property (IP) and customers with compliance needs.
  • Leverage Hybrid Cloud to provide total flexibility for all initiatives and business units. Even within the same company, the IT needs can vary greatly between different departments. No one product can provide everything. The Hybrid Cloud offers a mix using the best from all, satisfying the company’s needs while reducing cost. Because of the diverse products, the average IT department would struggle to deploy these services successfully. Mindcentric has expertise with all clouds, so we can deploy them efficiently and affordably in one solution.
  • Offered proactive services at a fixed fee. All our services are proactive versus reactive (break-fix). Keeping our customers up-to-date on technology ensures we avoid major issues. This keeps them secure and enables them to leverage new technology to be more competitive. We do all this at a fixed rate, so our customers can easily budget and manage cost.
  • Helped implement compliance and on-going documentation. These companies were able to maintain their documentation, policy enforcement, and compliance. This could have cost our customers down the road and led to heavy fines for those in a regulated industry. Mindcentric collaboratively worked with the Compliance or Security Officer and also scoped services to work with their existing staff teams. This ensured that all policies and compliance were enforced and all the proper documentation was completed on time.