Cyber Security


Synchronized Security Management

With an ever evolving threat landscape, businesses must leverage advanced tools and management practices to mitigate outsiders from disrupting your business.  Mindcentric partners with leading security vendors to insure that all components talk to each other. 

Mindcentric Security Professionals provide 24 x 7 surveillance, management and audits to ensure you have the maximum protection.  We integrate the following enterprise features into our Security Management:

  • Cloud Portal: provides a single pane of glass for all your security needs.
  • Monitoring: up-time, log files, rule sets, and changes.
  • Includes: Device/Appliance, Software, upgrades, maintenance, with full management.
  • Synchronized: Unified Security Management
  • Protection: Hackers, Malware and Exploits such as Ransomware
  • Deep Machine Learning (AI): Intelligence used to combat and identify threats
  • All Network Layers: Manage right up to the application
  • Sanboxing: Isolate threats
  • Intrusion Detection: Know when threats are knocking at the door

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Centralized Logging Service (SIEM, XDR)

Enterprise Log Management services allow security teams to explore data without pre-planning or deep application training. Our data storage and retrieval architecture allows multi-threaded and distributed searches across multiple environments for faster results.

Expand insights at any scale with incredible speeds.  Mindcentric's Cloud-Based Log Management services enable full visibility and rapid responses.  Eliminate complexity by partnering with us.

  • Interactive Dashboards: Visualize in-depth data metrics
  • Alerts: Configured system that communicates with the SOC
  • Multi-Threaded Searches: Analyze data and discover issues with incredible speeds
  • Forensic Views: Aggregate data from multiple sources across multiple parameters
  • Customized Reporting: Information Sent to our SOC is archived for Compliance
  • Managed Data: Access critical data across your network

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Security Scanning and Intrusion Detection 

Mindcentric’s penetration testing services enable your business or organization to better understand the extensive cyber threats you face and ultimately minimize risk. Our tests facilitate all compliance requirements.

Mindcentirc’s cyber security services to protect your company’s network, information, and customers. This assessment is not just a one-time check; it’s a recurring service ensuring your business is safe. We scan your network, servers, desktops and web apps for security vulnerabilities. Then we remove the threats and document as required for compliance.

  • OWASP Top 10 Checklist
  • Environmental Testing (Inside/Out)
  • Web Application Testing
  • Exploit Tests
  • Remediation/Recommendations
  • Full Documentation

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