Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Cloud SLAs and Zimbra SLAs

Response Times – Mindcentric Service Level Agreement
Severity Level Response Times (Maximum) Description
Severity Level 1 < 15 Minutes (24x7) Urgent requests for service(s) down or affecting the majority of users/services.
Severity Level 2 < 1 Hours (24x7) Important requests that are or could affect the customer’s business (majority effecting issue).
Severity Level 3 < 2 Business Hours Customer escalation affecting key users or services (not down or majority effecting issue)
Severity Level 4 < 4 Business Hours Day to day questions, report bugs, changes, how to questions, non-urgent issues
These are guaranteed times to respond. Actual response times are much sooner. Emergency support cases are responded to in less then 5 minutes and almost others are responded to in less then 30 minutes. These are not guaranteed time to resolution, as that can vary depending on the issue or if external software/hardware vendors are involved.
Uptime – Service Level Agreement
Level Up-Times Description
Data Centers 100% The data center facilities, power, cooling, etc
Network 99.999% This is the core network and access to the Internet
Infrastructure 99.999% Computing and storage infrastructure
Applications 99.999% Applications and databases
Data & disaster recovery 100% 100% protection and up-time with a multiple data center configuration
Up times for individual customers may vary (increased or decreased) depending the requirements and configurations.