Managed Services


Becoming Part of Your Culture

We cater to each of our clients' unique needs by custom crafting IT management procedures that match their culture. When we engage new business, we make sure we know their business, how to make them more effective, and what potential challenges may be down the road. Our mantra is to leave the chores to us while you focus on running your business.

Mindcentric Customers Enjoy:

  • Unlimited Support with 24x7x365 Coverage
  • Integrated Security
  • Managed Back Ups and Disaster Recovery
  • Dedicated Account and Engineering Management
  • Unlimited vCIO Consulting
  • Solutions with Enterprise Technology
  • Multiple Tier 4 Data Centers
  • Cloud Engineering and DevOps
  • ITIL Practices and Compliance

System and Application Monitoring

Our Enterprise monitoring solution delivers real time data from a centralized Cloud portal.  This enables our engineers to make informed decisions while managing your infrastructure.  Alerts are escalated to our 24x7 NOC and System Architects.

We take monitoring to a whole new level, right into the application and functionality to ensure your on-line business/technology is performing optimally and meeting your defined SLAs.  This includes detecting, diagnosing, remedying  and reporting all on all systems.   Application performance relates to how fast transactions are completed or delivered to to an end user.

This technology has the ability to run on any server infrastructure on any platform.  This includes your own infrastructure, Private Clouds/Colocation, IaaS, and public Clouds such as AWS, Azure, Google etc.  Mindcentric has the most robust monitoring solutions available.


Modernize your Workforce

Managed Services have transcended the simple concept of taking care of IT.  As Cloud technology has changed the landscape for everyone, it has also impacted how we do business.  Our goal is to work with our clients to future proof them from a technology perspective while making sure that data is protected.  Not only do we take care of IT, we help transform your business.

Cloud computing allows us to centralize data as well as the associated management, operations and security.  With advances in Internet related technologies, we can now deliver all our business needs to any connected device.  Imagine how powerful it is to have your entire office workspace at your fingertips and you don't have to worry about anything? 

Mindcentric will evaluate your business, connect the dots to transform your business into a more productive and efficient operation.

“A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.."

Steve Jobs - Apple