Business Tools - Communication and Collaboration


Email for Business

Different customers require different solutions, this is why Mindcentric can deliver multiple Hosted email services.  We partner with the best products to give your business what it needs to communicate effectively.

Office 365 - Microsoft's leading cloud email and application services are designed to make managing, accessing and growing your email services more efficient.

G Suite - Google's suite of Cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools.   These tools are fully integrated with Google's Email platform which can be tailored to businesses of any size.

Zimbra Email - With over 500 Million Global users, Zimbra is a global leader in Email Collaboration.  Mindcentric is a premier partner that delivers this technology to tens of thousands of users daily.

Security and Management - We partner with several leading vendors to deliver complimentary services that enhance productivity and security.  Some of these include: Email Encryption, Certified Messaging, eSignatures, Archiving (Legal Discovery) ans SPAM Filtering.

Cloud Applications

Mindcentric manages next generation Cloud platforms to deliver a true hybrid workforce.  The goal is to transform your business into a mobile workforce where diverse systems are unified, centrally managed, and secure.

SaaS: Mindcentric supports and integrates many premier "Software as a Service" platforms into your IT Operation with Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Legacy Server Apps: Hosted Applications can be delivered to any device via our industry leading application virtualization platform.

Cloud Storage and Collaboration: Enterprise File Storage and collaboration that enables a more efficient and mobile workforce.  

Compliance: Leveraging a cloud system enables Mindcentric to centralize all data and management in a multiple, secure infrastructures.  New Cloud solutions enable businesses to comply with regulatory requirements more easily.

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Unified Communications and Network

Connected Businesses must have access to communications where ever they go and telephone and network are no different.  Mindcentric has compiled industry leading technologies to compliment Cloud strategies, making unified communications and networking more efficient.

Hosted VOIP: Physical and soft phones can all integrate into a single Cloud-based phone system that has an interactive web portal.  Communication is unified with chat, availability status and follow me features.   Soft phones can be integrated directly into a cloud desktop and can follow workers wherever they go.

Internet Access: Our team has access to all the major service providers and we can assist you with pairing the right connection for your office.

SDWAN: Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology is reshaping the modern enterprise by improving application performance while reducing operating costs and providing security to enable enterprises to move to the cloud.

“Prior to email, our private correspondence was secured by a government institution called the postal service. Today, we trust AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, or Gmail with our private utterances."

John Battelle - Founder, Wired