Mindcentric Partnership

Mindcentric is a perfect partner for technology vendors and consultants. Teaming with us will deliver ongoing commissions for the life of the relationship.


3 Simple Questions:

  • 1. Are your clients planning to move to the cloud or asking to optimize their existing cloud services? Or, do you simply want help understanding the cloud and how it helps businesses?
  • 2. Is the time  spent managing IT (Information Technologies) hurting your client's core business and profits? 
  • 3. Are you happy with your current solutions, vendors, and cost?

We provide many more resources and materials but it is as simple as asking a few questions. Then make an introduction and we will do the rest. Below is a list of all our programs from simple referrals to fully integrated private labeled services.

Don’t forget to ask us about our quick start incentive program.

Referral Agents and Affiliates

Refer and get paid – No hassle, we will sell it for you.

The MindCentric Referral Program is simple, straightforward and very lucrative. Refer a lead to us, and we will take it from there. Once the referral closes we pay you a referral payment of 100% of the monthly recurring revenue of the lead you passed us. It’s hassle-free and totally transparent.

Sales Agents, Brokers, Resellers, or Master Agents – Residual Commission

Earn Residual Commissions for life.

Sales agents, master agents, and brokers earn very aggressive RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS. Masters and agents with higher volume commitments will qualify for even higher residual commission rates. Contact us to get the specific commission rates. We are industry independent. Whether your in any of these industries or something completely different.

    Sample Industries:
  • • Telecom / Telecommunications
  • • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • • Hardware / Software sales
  • • Information Technology (IT) industry
  • • Colocation and data center services
  • • Cloud computing, application, or services
  • • or any industry that our service can complement

Leverage our partner programs and service to increase your business and revenue.

Cloud and Solution Resellers

The reseller program is designed to generate recurring revenue for you. This is based on monthly recurring revenue you refer and closes. The MindCentric Reseller Program is designed to add value and revenue to you or your business. Plus, it’s a simple program. You focus on selling to prospects or your customers and we will do the rest. We don’t require any cumbersome certification or training programs.

Plus, we will help you with the sales process. We don’t expect you to know our products as well as we do. We will help you by providing sale specialist for sales calls, demos, quotes, etc.

Program requirements:

  • • Engage with our professionals to learn more about our solutions.
  • • No required certifications or training. We will help you sell, migrate, and support the customer as much or as little as needed.