Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure:

Mindcentric operated redundant Data Centers and Partners with AWS to deliver Hybrid Cloud Solutions.  Our team leverages powerful servers with local-attached drives to create highly available, highly scalable software-defined infrastructure. Our converged (or hyper-converged) architecture radically simplifies operations and technology deployments.  With secure connections into AWS, we can deliver diverse services to fit your business.

With Multiple Tier-4 Data Centers interconnected with AWS (US West and US East), we deliver scalable solutions with the ability to move data across platforms and the globe.  Our secure network centralizes operations and delivers the solutions you need through a single vendor. The Mindcentric model securely integrates all server functions together while simplifying deployment, management, and scaling to match your requirements.  Our software defined architecture leverages industry leading technologies to consolidate computing, networking and storage. This includes features such as caching, storage tiers, and erasure coding, paired with the latest hardware innovations such as RDMA networking and NVMe drives. Not only will it deliver unrivaled efficiency and performance; but simplifies Cloud integration as well.





We provide the building blocks for high performance, static workloads.  The ability to scale directly into the cloud enables businesses to move fast and meet their objectives


A fully integrated network with centralized controls is already in place so that your network is secure and compliant.

Data Center Footprint

Go green by reducing your data center footprint.  Use what you need and nothing more, by leveraging energy efficient data centers and cloud computing.

Vendor Management

Reduce multiple vendor avenues and let a team of experts deliver the solutions you need to run your business.

Disaster Recovery

Easily backup and replicate data across geographic areas for quick restores and full recoveries.

Overall Operational Costs

Cut back on procurement and streamline operations while using the industries' top technologies.

Product Breakdown

Hyper Converged Nodes

High performance server nodes can be be easily deployed to increase your Cloud infrastructure.  Perfect for legacy applications, static workloads and data analytics.

Automation Tools

Our team leverages industry leading tools to power your Cloud operation.  Whether they are Cloud specific or agnostic, we help deploy the best solution for your specific needs.


Disaster Recovery

With multiple Cloud storage and Infrastructure options already set up, we can easily define and implement a Disaster Recovery scenario for you. 


Cross Platform Security

Mindcentric security practices are readily available and can work across any cloud platform.   Our experts can craft a specific security solution no matter where your data is stored.


Cloud Ready

Looking to move to the Cloud, we can help you get there.  There is no pathway that fits everyone, but we can find the best route for you no matter if it is temporary or permanent. 

Business Velocity

Don't let engineering hurdles slow down your business.  We work to develop a automated, scalable system to future proof your IT operations.


Use Cases


Scale at the rate that your market dictates.  SaaS applications require highly available infrastructure that can expand as your client base grows.  Mindcentric delivers Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud solutions so we can match performance with flexibility. 



Processing Data can vary from job to job, and large data sets can be costly with public Cloud infrastructure.  Mindcentric helps steer your data to the most effective storage infrastructure, whether it is Public, Private or Hybrid.



A Hybrid Cloud can help with seasonal workload adjustments, allowing you to be flexible with your technology budget.  No need to overspend on infrastructure just to accommodate temporary requirements.