Synchronized Security as a Service

Mindcentric has compiled the world’s best tools to deliver next-generation security services, giving you unparalleled protection.  We sync Firewalls with Servers, Endpoints, and the Cloud; delivering advanced tools and manage it all with a single control panel.  Our synchronized security system will combine all facets of security management and address it intelligently as a uniform system.

Mindcentric delivers a Cloud based service that combines deep security expertise with the power of Artificial Intelligence. We deliver cloud security monitoring, analytics, and compliance automation with one simple interface, all fully managed for you.  A centralized/synchronized system delivers the industry's most advanced features.

  • Continuously monitor cloud asset inventory (S3 Buckets, Security Groups, etc), configurations, and Security Group logs
  • Identify a behavior patterns to detect advanced automated attacks due to stolen user access keys or rogue employees
  • Predict how network traffic may flow based on your security settings – preventing potential breaches
  • Establish guardrails to prevent, detect, and remediate accidental or malicious changes in network configuration



Central Management Portal

Industry leading Cloud portal to manage all componenets of your network infrastructure as one.

Synchronized Security

Next Generation Firewalls, Server, Endpoint, and Wireless protection all synced and working together.


Leverage best in class email security solutions for SPAM, Spearfishing, and Encryption.

Web Application

    Protects your externally facing servers and applications


    Intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response delivers the most sophisticated infrastructure protection.


    Centralized collection of all data, with deep reporting to identify and address threats fast

Public Cloud

   Intelligent Cloud visibility, Compliance and Threat Response specifically designed for the Public Cloud.

Product Breakdown

Intelligent Response

Allow advanced technology to take on the roles that are normally performed by skilled security analysts.  Leverage our systems so that you can be more efficient, adding security with minimal staff.

Cloud Vision

Automatically scan and discover your entire network across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. Intelligence gives us the ability to remediate security risks in minutes.

Exploit Provision

By synchronizing deep machine learning with advanced endpoint detection, we deliver protection against unknown malware, exploits, and ransomware.  Eliminate Exploits with our protection.


Our technology get your defenses working together as a system to be more coordinated than the attackers. By combining an intelligent security platform with tools that communicate we deliver a fully unified system.

24x7x365 Security Operations

We deliver the tools and the management 24x7x365.  Our team of trained security professionals will monitor your centralized/synchronized systems from our never sleep operation center.  

Cloud Management Portal

Our centralized security management system ties all data points together and is accessed through a web portal with dynamic reporting and intelligence.  This provides easy access, reporting and management.

Use Cases


We pair our expertise with technology to make sure that you comply with all of your regulatory frameworks.  This is done by continuously monitoring your compliance with custom or "out-of-the box" templates for standards such as HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI DSS, CIS (SANS Top 20), GDPR, COX CIPA etc.

Discover Unknown Threats

Insure that there are no persistent threats (inside and out) with full-time security reporting.  Deploy advanced security solutions that automatically share information to reveal hidden risks and unknown threats. 

Real Time Data Analysis

Synchronized Security is the world's most advanced cyber security system.  Endpoint, network, mobile, WiFi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically.  With everything centralized, we can deliver the real time data required to succeed in today's threat landscape.