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By Sean Washington

Introducing XenTegra ONE

San Diego, CA (11.9.22) - Mindcentric is excited to announce that we have started a new, joint venture with XenTegra, a leading technology integrator headquartered in Huntersville, NC. The new entity is called XenTegra ONE and we are officially open for business. The new venture will be powered by Mindcentric and will leverage XenTegra’s deep technology bench that has historically served enterprise clients for Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud, and End User Computing. Mindcentric will continue to operate as its own company but will specifically serve as the sales and support arm of XenTegra for the small and medium sized business market.

The new venture is a strategic move that benefits both organizations. Mindcentric serves a smaller class of client and does most of their business on the west coast. XenTegra caters to larger businesses and is primarily focused on the eastern side of the county. Both teams have experience managing critical infrastructure, investing in Data Centers, and delivering high touch managed services. Together as XenTegra ONE will deliver the best of both worlds when delivering solutions to small and medium sized businesses across the country.

The goal is to become the nation’s premier partner for digital transformation and end user computing. This will be accomplished by working together as a single unit where we can complement each other’s operations and fill in the gaps with our associated strengths. Combined, we will have 4 Data Centers, 100+ engineers, hundreds of certifications, and countless experience.   With XenTegra complimenting Mindcentric, we get access to a deep Engineering bench, a Federal/SLED Team, Near-Shore and Off-Shore Teams, and Staffing resources. XenTegra is certified in engineering support for some very sophisticated technologies such as ServiceNow and Nutanix that will be mixed into the portfolio.

For current Mindcentric clients, you can expect a lot of great things as our resources are increased exponentially. With XenTegra, we will be able to support significantly more requirements, bring on internal/external staff, sell all hardware/software, and add more overall depth to our services. XenTegra ONE is a stronger version of Mindcentric, a complete IT solution provider.

Mindcentric founder and CEO Mark Vincent believes this is an excellent opportunity for our clients and partners. “We’ve had many instances over the years where we’ve had to turn away businesses because we just weren’t equipped to handle the scale. With this new venture, we are backed by one of the best in the business, and I don’t see any limitations as to what we can accomplish.” He also added, “I’ve been working with wonderful people over the last 20 years that have enjoyed our boutique offerings. Now, we can expand our influence and take everything we have done and take it nationwide.”

“This partnership will serve our SMB customers and our vendors with a path to market to help SMB customers leverage their solutions to solve the business challenges that we know exist for them” says Andy Whiteside, XenTegra President and CEO. “XenTegra was founded to build a community and serve that community, SMB customers are a big part of the community!” 

About XenTegra:

XenTegra is a technology integrator and consulting firm that was founded in in 2012, originally catering to Citrix technologies and Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure. Today they are a global leader in End User Computing, employ over 75 employees and serve more than over 1,000 clients in the Mid-Market and Enterprise space. The goal at XenTegra is to create an ecosystem that merges clients and technology with the right experience. It’s an environment where everyone can find value and effectively transform their business to a more secure and efficient operation.

Data Centers:

  • Equinox Santa Clara, CA and Atlanta GA
  • Primary Infrastructure – Nutanix
  • Network 10G
  • Direct Connects – AWS and Azure

Primary Technology Vendors:

Citrix – Nutanix – VMWare – Microsoft – AWS – Google – ServiceNow – Lenovo – NVIDIA – ControlUp – Tanium – IGEL – PrinterLogic – LG – Fortinet – HYCU


2019 Citrix Worldwide Partner of the Year, Americas

2019 Citrix Innovation Award Winner for North America

2020 Microsoft Lighthouse Partner AVD

2020 Top Citrix MSP in North America

2020 IGEL Innovation Partner of the Year for North America

2022 CRN Solutions Providers 500 List 

2022 Nutanix Cloud Champion

2022 CRN Fast Growth 150 List

2022 Inc 5000 Fast Growth List  


About Mindcentric:

Mindcentric was formed in 1999; originally focused on software development and critical application hosting. In time, the company turned its focus specifically to managed Data Center Infrastructure and eventually a full-service helpdesk. Mindcentric provides 24x7x365 NOC coverage and full helpdesk support for EST to PST business hours.

Today, Mindcentric has over 200 unique clients supported by 12 Engineers. Services include hosted applications and outsourced IT Management. We have a great history of working with mission-critical applications/infrastructure with our 20+ years inside the Data Centers.   Our core verticals include Financial, BioTech/Medical, Software.

Data Centers:

  • Switch Las Vegas, NV and Reno, NV
  • Primary Infrastructure – Microsoft
  • Network 10G
  • Direct Connects – AWS and Azure

Primary Technology Vendors:

Microsoft – VMWare – AWS - Linux – Sophos – Datto – Veeam – Citrix – Zimbra

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