Virtual Desktop Security Benefits

By Sean Washington

The core value Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the ability to move desktop management from a local machines to a centralized virtualized environment.  From there, the desktop Operating System (OS) and associated applications are hosted from a data center/Cloud.  Various desktop images can be accessed by geographically diverse users securely from any device.  This enables better worker productivity and more efficient controls for administrators. 

VDI delivers many benefits to an organization that wish to streamline their IT operations.  Some of these include:

  • Manageability – Images of desktops are easily spun up and centrally managed from a data center
  • Accessibility – Any Internet connected device can access your personal workspace
  • Productivity – Employees can easily access their workspaces, data and applications anywhere.
  • Security – Centrally Managed Policy gets standardized on all virtual machines
  • Data Leakage – VDI enables a streamlined method for accessing and sharing data.
  • Energy Efficiency – lower your carbon footprint by eliminating desktop PCs
  • Staff Optimization – administrators are focused on the data center and not desktops
  • Graphic-centric Applications – graphic rendering applications can be accessed and streamed from anywhere (not confined to a lab or specific machine).

Ensuring desktop computers are up to date with the latest OS/Application software is a challenging task for IT departments.  Since updates/patching are generally performed monthly, it can put a large strain on your IT operation.  Managers must both patch the systems, test and confirm that they are deployed correctly.  This become challenging with the scale of the operation and when deploying/managing security.    Man made errors can lead to exposures that can jeopardize your entire network from a single neglected device. 

Moving towards a centrally managed system like VDI can help address all of this.  Administrators can work tandem with a helpdesk to facilitate support, moves/changes and centrally apply security policies.  Thin clients can be administered globally through endpoint management and data can be locked down to prevent leakage. 

At the end of the day, VDI can help streamline processes from within the organization, but additional layers of security must be applied.   Much like running a traditional IT operation, 3rd party software must be leveraged to create a full solution. 

How Mindcentric Combines VDI and Security to provide a Fully Managed IT Service:

  • Partner with Citrix to deliver a true Desktop Virtualization Platform (HDX)
  • Integrate Sophos Synchronized Security with the following features:
    • Endpoint/Server Protection
    • Exploit Prevention with AI
    • Endpoint Detection and Remediation
    • Centralized/Cloud Management System
  • Run fully managed back-ups with Veeam Enterprise
  • Run PRTG System Monitoring
  • Run OSSEC Logs
  • Run Stratodek endpoint management (for Thin Client/Citrix HUB)
  • Run ITIL Compliant HelpDesk System
  • Implement Enterprise File Sharing Systems
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure in Multiple Tier-4 Data Centers

Since 1999, Mindcentric has partnered with businesses to deliver enterprise IT solutions.  With offices in San Diego County, we cater to businesses across the globe.  Our goal is to work with you and develop an IT strategy that cuts costs and drives worker productivity. 

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